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Moon Books Publishing is an independent publisher that supports you, the indie writer trying to get their words out into the world. We focus on what is important to someone who is working to become a writer, a platform to get their books and stories published.

Featured Books

Horror Anthology 2015

The best and brightest in independent horror, collected here and now for your reading pleasure!

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Horror Anthology 2016

A plethora of powerful parables by prolific perpetrators of perverse print like Jonathan Maberry, Thomas Malafarina and other maleficent malcontents.

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Horror Anthology 2017: Altered Realities

You have entered a reality which is not all that it seems. A world different from your own, yet somehow strangely familiar…

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Horror Anthology 2018

The penultimate picks of petrifying prose from a plethora of poignant producers of powerful putrefaction.

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The Boy Who Doesn’t Exist

Can a boy who doesn’t exist love a real girl? How about a girl who does exist, can she love a pretend boy?


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Featured Audiobooks

Friends of Moon Books

Funky Wisdom

Author and motivational speaker Dennis C. Berry delivers his witty unique spin on our turbulent world along with a groundbreaking solution to navigate it that will transform your life, settle your mind, and bring you inner peace and success beyond your wildest imagination. 


Funky Wisdom Website
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Runic Trilogy

Curious about runes? Want to learn more about rituals and pagan ways?


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Treespeak: The Druid’s Curse

The magickal network which was spawned in Mae’s Crossing (Runic Trilogy) has extended to include Heart’s Haven.

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The Horse Girls of St. Croix

12-year-old Samantha Zillmer has ridden horses her entire life. When her mother offers to give her and her best friend dressage lessons, Samantha doesn’t know what to expect.


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